Friday, February 19, 2010

What's Next?

Create a log book!  Make it yours, place pictures of yourself doing your fav things!  Make notes, write down your dreams, make it colorful -this way it draws you in! You want to do take action to make things happen that are in the log book.

Gather your thoughts, put on some of your favorite music and get started. Find magazine articles, internet articles that inspire you to create your own dream for your log book!

Life experiences are great, go through them, then move on to the next one. Find your "fire", find your passion, I know it's an overused word but it's so true. What makes you get up in the morning, ready to go. You must find that "thing" that makes you exicted, makes you want to create, makes you think, engages you and then takes you away.

Remember when you were a kid and when you were having a great time, that time just flew by. Don't you wish your work was like that?  It can be, go out and find it.

Let me know.

High Fives, Everyone.

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