Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break!

Oh, it's that time of year again, when we get Spring Break!  I am grateful for this time with my family, sharing new ideas for the future months ahead.  What to plant around the house?  What races to enter?  And hope and pray that here in the Midwest, it does decide at some point, to be SPRING!

Yes, we still have the lake breezes from Lake Michigan, that gives us more snowfall in the winter and cools us in the summer.  But during the spring, that breeze off the lake, has a chilling effect of a northeaster!  We take it in stride and just keep bundling up.

During this time, take a moment to reflect, to re-group as it where to focus on where you are heading in life.  I know, I have a tendency at times to get going and not stop, but really, it's time to refocus on what you find important in your life.  So, stop, take a moment, breathe and then dream away.  Write those dreams down, post them where you can see them everyday and then take that leap of faith and plunge right in.

What am I plunging into?  At this point, I am focus on using my imagination to set new goals in my career and letting my faith carry me to the next level.  That is the fun part, believing in a higher power that will carry you to the next step.

So, my friends, set a goal, write it down, post it and then have faith, believe you will get there.  Picture yourself in that spot and enjoy the journey there!

High Fives and Double Backflips!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a CREW!!!

OMG- I attended my first CREW meeting at the Zion Park District last Friday, after school.  The room was filled with women, who want to help motivate our entire community to be healthy and have fun racing and training for 5K.

Where have I been?  I am so glad that Cheri Ditzig kept me in the loop. What an amazing group of women. 

They are organizing 5K races for anyone who wants to run in our communities and beyond. If you need a goal this year-attend one of the races that will be in Zion, IL.

Later on this week, if you've never run a 5K before, I will list a training for you to follow.  By May, you'll be ready to enter the Mama's Run.

Running is the most effect way to lose weight, build stronger bones, do marvelous things for our hearts, mind and body.  Start out slow and you'll want to go more as the weeks past.  Running is free therapy!


High Fives and once again--enjoy the week.

Time to Re-Energize!

It's February already!  The time is flying by and my question to you today is this:  What are you doing with your time?

Are you spending it with your family and creating new memories?  Are you committed to a cause and doing the leg work to accomplish that task?  Or are you vegging on the couch, hoping and wishing that you could do something!!

Well, if you just promise yourself to do one thing that would inspire your family, one thing that would nuture you and one thing that you could do for another are on your way to a successful, happy day.

I know, may sound simple enough, right?  But you have certain circumstances in your life that get in the way? If you don't know this by now, we all do. So, why are some people more productive then others?  They set goals, they write them down, they post them either on frig or somewhere where they can see them.  Accountability-people.  Promises to themselves and when they keep those promises, extraordinary things start to happen in their lives.  It's true.

So, just for today...get up one hour early and set your day in motion. You have the choice to set it. Yes, and if an incident happens or someone says something negative, deal with it then, then toss it aside. Keep moving forward with a smile on your face.

If anything, it will drive people nuts wondering what you're so happy about! 

Next question-are you working out?  Studies show, that people that workout are happier, healthier and can handle life experiences better.  This is your year, contact someone if you need a little motivation and get started.  You'll be glad you did!

High Fives, everyone and enjoy the week ahead!!!!

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Love writing about fitness, motivation and health!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time to Get Excited!

Okay, 2011 is a month old, what have you accomplished lately?

Really, have you kept those promises to yourself about getting back into shape, losing some pounds around your middle or just saving more money?  Are you depressed that you've slipped a little on those promises?

Well, if you answer is yes-don't can start again today.  Oh, come on, don't give me that look with your hands on your hips.  Don't throw the towel in just yet.  You can start anything on any day...I think as adults we forget that. Just renew your goals, post them where you can see them and you'll be back on track before you know it.

If this sounds too simple, it is!  We make everything so complicated.  Watch how children resolve their problems. If someone hurts them with words or with a push or shove. They forgive them and move on, the fun continues where they left off.  We need to take step back and just observe those children.  They can teach us so much. 

Now is the time to think nothing can hold you back!  You can change your lifestyle to a healthier way, you can get back into shape, just one step at at time. Remember, it's a journey, not a sprint.

My spirit has been renewed with running--I can run again. I had two knee surgeries with a year of each other and now, the knees are great and I'm running again.  Running gives me time to think, time for my body to move and something extraordinary happens, dreams are created and plans to follow those dreams.  Love to run and get inspired every morning. Running clears the mind, heart, body and soul.  And all you need is a good pair of running shoes and you're out the door.  Nature connects with you and you feel free.....give it a try sometime. 

Have you ever run after a snowstorm?  It is just so quiet and beautiful---you got to experience this feeling.  Even if you cannot run, walk outside after a storm...just so peaceful.

Get unplugged to balance yourself.....enjoy your week.  I know I will--two wonderful things will happen---I will run again tomorrow morning and we have a BLIZZARD on the way.  YES...what a blessing.

High Fives, Everyone!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

We've been having a great time at my school this year with new activities and encouraging our students to eat healthier.

Our CATCH team is full of individuals that care about what they are doing and share their wonderful ideas with our students.  We are truly blessed that our team members take on the extra mile without hesitation, the prize is that our students are benefiting from this experience.

As the year progresses, we are hoping to instill in our students to help their families develop healthier lifestyles. At the end of this month, we'll have a CATCH night at school to show our parents what activities their children participate in their physical education classes.

Being a physical education teacher is more than just throwing out the ball, it's engaging the students to inspire each other to be the best that they can be, through knowledge of why activity will work to help them stay healthier as they age.  They don't think about that now, but as they age, I hope they remember their P.E. teacher that told them how to take care of themselves.