Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a CREW!!!

OMG- I attended my first CREW meeting at the Zion Park District last Friday, after school.  The room was filled with women, who want to help motivate our entire community to be healthy and have fun racing and training for 5K.

Where have I been?  I am so glad that Cheri Ditzig kept me in the loop. What an amazing group of women. 

They are organizing 5K races for anyone who wants to run in our communities and beyond. If you need a goal this year-attend one of the races that will be in Zion, IL.

Later on this week, if you've never run a 5K before, I will list a training for you to follow.  By May, you'll be ready to enter the Mama's Run.

Running is the most effect way to lose weight, build stronger bones, do marvelous things for our hearts, mind and body.  Start out slow and you'll want to go more as the weeks past.  Running is free therapy!


High Fives and once again--enjoy the week.

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